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Our Focus

Focus on what you can control, surrender to everything else.

In a couple of days (or hours) I will become a father again.

While I’ve been in this position before, it’s been a while, and as we get closer, I’ve started to notice a heightened sense of anxiety throughout my day to day.
The uncertainty is kind of scary.
The Anthropologist would say that this reaction has been coded into my DNA over time. Event driven anxiousness is a survival signal to TAKE ACTION; fight or flight.

Over the past few years I’ve worked hard to approach these types of situations with a certain mindset; to only focus on what I can control, and surrender to what I can’t.

I carry this mindset into my day to day, keeping a daily checklist of the things I know I must do to have a great day, everyday. I know there will always be incoming fire, which is out of my control, but I also know that if I check my boxes, I’m giving myself strong odds to go to sleep satisfied, which has led to a much happier, balanced life.

This can also include things NOT to do every day, which has been equally as important for me.
This strategy is at the foundation of intentional financial planning. The future is completely unknown, and there are many variables out of our control. We do our best to influence those variables, but ultimately, we can’t control or predict what will happen.
But when we create a plan, and focus on our actions, we reduce the likelihood that outside factors will determine our future. Our outcomes are much more dependent upon our behavior than the markets, a promotion, or any other life event that comes our way.
So, over the next couple of days (or hours), I will focus on making sure my wife is well rested and cared for, the kids are content (ha-ha), and my business is positioned to allow me to step away for a couple of hours if needed.
I’m no longer worried about all the “what if's"… it didn’t serve me when I did. I’m only focused on the actions I can take to give us the best chance of a successful outcome… a healthy momma and baby boy.

If you found these thoughts to be interesting, helpful or entertaining, please feel free to share with a friend.

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